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Internal Medicine & Aesthetics located in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

Primary Care

Primary Care

Internal Medicine & Aesthetics in Buckhead, Atlanta, GA

Outstanding primary care builds a strong foundation for excellent health, and finding the right provider is the first step. Chassidy Teal, DO, and the team at Atlanta Medical Associates offer highly personalized primary care services to adults of all ages in and around Atlanta, Georgia. Book your visit online or over the phone to learn more.

Primary Care Q&A

Why is it important to work with a primary care provider?

Primary care is a medical specialty encompassing all the essential health services you need as you move through the phases of life. While some primary care practitioners provide care for children and adults, the team at Atlanta Medical Associates focuses on internal medicine, which addresses the needs of adult patients.

Building a trusting bond with an outstanding primary care provider means you have access to the services and guidance you need as you move through all stages of adulthood. This includes preventive care but also encompasses acute care (sick visits), chronic disease management, and men’s health and women’s health services.

Dr. Teal and the other compassionate providers at Atlanta Medical Associates love working one-on-one with patients to set health and wellness goals and celebrate health milestones.   

What role does preventive health play in primary care?

Preventive care is the foundation for your overall health and wellness. Everyone needs to come in for annual preventive health visits, whether you are young and thriving or have active health concerns. 

Your visits also allow you to ask questions and receive guidance on any health topic of choice. Wondering whether you should start taking supplements? Concerned about increased stress levels? Having trouble getting enough sleep? These are all common areas of focus within primary care. 

Dietary counseling and medical weight management are also popular areas of discussion during primary care visits. 

What should I expect during primary care visits?

These visits include a routine physical exam to chart and track your vital signs. Expect checks of your height, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing. 

It also includes screenings appropriate for your age, sex, and overall health. Examples include colorectal cancer screenings and sexually transmitted disease screening. Lab testing might be part of the process but isn’t usually part of every annual exam. Patient education is a passion for the practitioners at Atlanta Medical Associates, so feel free to ask questions.

Dr. Teal prioritizes your mental health and includes screening for anxiety and depression. You’ll be treated with compassion and respect, no matter your specific treatment needs.  

Your first primary care visit at Atlanta Medical Associates will take a bit longer as you’ll need time to share the details of your personal and family health history. Be prepared to share a list of all medications and supplements you’re taking. 

When you’re ready to book a primary care visit, call or click to find a time that fits your schedule.

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